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Gifting and branding is our jam. We love helping you find the right gift for your clients.  

We’re also expert time savers. We are the client appreciation system you’ve been looking

for in your business.  Grab your gifts and make a lasting impression with ease.




Join Us!

Laura works with business owners and team

leaders to create lasting impressions through quality gifts and client appreciation. She understands that gratitude reinforces and solidifies relationships;

the core of every business.


She started her company at 19 years old while attending college and has grown it to 2 markets

on the West Coast. She is a member of CUTCO Cutlery's Hall of Fame.

When she's not working, you can find Laura enjoying the outdoors with her family. Most likely with some Frankie & Jo's (the yummiest Seattle-based ice cream ever). 

We have room on our team! If you love meeting people, building relationships and selling high-quality products with a huge loyal customer-base, connect with us! Growth opportunities available within our open roles as well.  Email us your resume. 

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